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"Well begun is half done"

That line is famous because of Mary Poppins J She was trying to motivate her reluctant charges that beginning a distasteful project – in their case, cleaning their rooms – was almost done, just by starting it. It sounded good, and got the ball rolling in the right direction… and I guess that’s the point with motivation: getting it started. Then the forward motion makes it easier to KEEP going.

Whether the task is getting your grandson kick-started on a school project, powering through a sink full of dirty dishes, or exploring ideas on a new business venture, developing forward motion is crucial.

Reaching out to others is helpful. Keeping goals in front of you for where you want to be in the future also helps – “future dreaming” or having a “vision” for what you’d like to see ahead can give you something to aim for. Then keep walking it out… maybe baby steps some days; longer strides on others, but moving forward nonetheless. You are not stuck as long as you keep moving. Be intentional. Get help when you need to. And remember: “Well begun is half done”.

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