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Whispers in the Dark...

I read a devotional this morning in Our Daily Bread that talked about The Whispering Gallery in St. Paul's Cathedral in London. It spoke about how the faintest whispers can be heard over 100 feet away due to the way the room is shaped and the materials used. It compared this to the way God can hear our faintest cries for help when we are in distress, feeling isolated or helpless. I know this to be true personally. In the closed-in spaces of our deepest pain, brokenness and fear, God hears the faintest of whispers for help. He has heard and answered my own cries more times than I can count. Jesus clearly tells us, "Fear not little flock, it your Father's good pleasure to give you the Kingdom!" (Luke 12:32) and when you whisper a prayer in desperation, sorrow or gratitude, He hears you. He answers you. He reaches powerful and gentle arms to rescue and to hold you. Reach out to others with that same comfort, encouragement and help. You are fully known and deeply loved. Share that with someone else today. <3

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