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The Power of Choices

Published 2011, 98 pages, H W Publishing $9.99

The Power of Choices is set up intentionally as a fund raiser. The purchase price of every book ordered through the author goes directly to Caring Families Pregnancy Services in Willimantic CT, where she was able to participate in her post-abortive healing. Copies of The Power of Choices ordered this way will be signed and mailed First-Class Mail with USPS postage for a total cost of $13.21 - $10.00 for the Center and $3.21 for FCM postage with tracking. Signed books may be ordered by emailing and sending payment through person to person Pay Pal for Tracy Medling. Unsigned copies of the book may be ordered directly from the publisher,, on Amazon or Barnes and Nobel.

Everyone who orders through Amazon is encouraged  to open an Amazon Smile account and choose Caring Families Pregnancy Services as the recipient charity. A portion of the purchase price for anything ordered using your Amazon Smile account after that point would also go to them.

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Stories From The Well

Published 2016, 580 pages, H W Publishing $19.95

Stories From the Well is an autobiographical project which shares the before, during and still-in-process work of the Holy Spirit navigating the author through common pitfalls of life: struggling with the concept of a “good God” with all the hardships in life, abortion (an abridged version of The Power of Choices), divorce – from child and adult perspectives, dealing with anger issues toward conflict resolution, encouraging yourself through faith in difficult times, the danger of misunderstandings and inferring others’ motives, acceptance of what we cannot control, and the importance of preparation. Resources referenced by the author and suggested reading for each topic are included at the end of every chapter.

Books are available through H W Publishing, Amazon and Barnes and Nobel. Signed copies are available through the author for $27.05 - purchase price plus $7.10 USPS Priority flat rate shipping with tracking .

We find, in sharing our stories – both the things we are excited about, and the things we struggle with – that we are not as solitary as we first believed. It is in this sharing that we not only realize our common humanity, but the Amazing Grace that gets us through every moment of our lives! I am so grateful for the One Who daily makes this possible - Jesus!

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