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Tracy Medling

Tracy’s energy, love and compassion for others birthed two books. The Power of Choices was published in 2011 which tells her personal story of healing and redemption from 33 years of post-abortion pain. Her newest book, Stories From the Well, draws up life lessons and treasures in the wake of missteps and missed opportunities. Tracy is genuine, relate-able and a breath of fresh air. Her engaging personality and huge heart quickly meets the needs of your audience. Tracy draws her talks from life; her ability to see the Lords loving hand in all “things” is an encouragement to others.

Tracy is a Connecticut native, married to her loving husband, Stephen since 1984, mother of two, and grandmother of three. She is the oldest of five children, and although both her parents are no longer with us, her brothers and sisters are integral parts of her life. 

She received her Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences at Mohegan Community College with a certificate in Childhood Studies in 1984. While her children were small, after working various part-time jobs, she was hired in 1993 as a temporary employee at the Uncasville Post Office as a letter carrier. After 12 years of mail delivery, she was given the opportunity to become the Postmaster in Hanover Connecticut. Since then Tracy was promoted to a bigger office in Baltic CT where she currently serves as Postmaster of three offices (Baltic, Hanover and Versailles) in her town of Sprague CT.

Early in life, Tracy was an avid reader preferring Alistair MacLean action stories and Sherlock Holmes mysteries to books traditionally considered middle-school girls’ fare. After college reading was done, children’s books became the daily staple, first to her own children, then to periodically for nieces and nephews, and then more regularly to her grandchildren.

Today’s reading is mostly split between leadership resources and contemporary Christian authors who continue to enrich her life and help grow her spiritually. She also enjoys classic movies and clean comedy.

Tracy also uses music to accent her talks, because as most people have observed, music gets deeper and stays long after the words disappear!

Her faith journey began at an early age and has progressed through pitfalls and mountaintop experiences common to many people. She has been a member of Christian Fellowship Church in Scotland CT since 1992. Tracy's passion is to serve the Lord by using her gifts of writing, singing and teaching to impact the world by sharing her own experiences and the lessons she is learning along the way.

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