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Unloved? NEVER!

I have been reading a Bible study by Patricia Frame called “The Faces of Eve”. After going through the first two chapters, I began this morning a chapter based on Leah, the Biblical patriarch Jacob’s first wife. Her transformation is from one who is unloved and unworthy to knowing she is both loved and worthy. As I began to read this chapter these words snapped me out of my sleepy, first-of-the-morning reverie: “Do not be misled – we are all engaged in this spiritual battle, and there is no demilitarized zone.” Patricia states: “The battle is believing and choosing to trust God no matter what situation we may be facing and no matter what is being said about us or spoken to us”.

The power of this direct Word to my heart snapped me completely awake as I connected this truth not only to me but to people closest to me as well. “There is no demilitarized zone”. We are under constant attack! We are completely defenseless from these targeted strikes on our souls unless we are armored, outfitted and prepared by the Holy Spirit for this battle. We need to understand this from the outset or we will be destroyed. There is no pity or mercy on the part of our enemy. He uses our weaknesses, the wounds from our past, the fears in our hearts and his conniving deception to draw us away from our source of strength and Truth using shame, guilt and regret to lie to us that we are unworthy of love and forgiveness, unloved and on our own to navigate our own survival. This is NOT TRUE. This is the exact opposite of what our Heavenly Father calls out to us on a daily basis!

Stay with me as I explore over the next few days the journey of Leah as our own….You ARE loved.

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