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Social Justice Begins One Heart at a Time

Social justice is Biblical - but its Biblical application is not brought about by division, mandated, administered and imposed by governments. It is initiated by the all-powerful and all-loving God in the ultimate act of seeming INjustice - when a completely sinless Man died for the sins of those who rightfully stand accused of breaking the Law. By accepting that act of injustice for our personal sin, we are acquitted and brought into perfect unity with our substitute - the sinless, self-sacrificing "Son of Man" and Son of God - Jesus Christ. After we accept this royal exchange, we are to work in unity (not uniformity), each of us using our unique talents, gifts and spheres of influence together to "do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with our God" (Micah 6:8), giving others the opportunity to know Him in Love, until He comes back and makes all things right. Social justice happens not when it is imposed, but when it is applied on behalf of others by those who are living out the heart-change we are grateful for in ourselves. That is when "righteousness and peace kiss each other " (Psalm 85:10) and joy and justice are readily seen.

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