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Procrastination...maybe later!

I've often had problems dealing with other people's procrastination - but gave little thought to my own. I am often frustrated when other people put off things i very much want them to do, but I had reasons for why I had to put off something I intended to do - because I just "intended to do too much and couldn't get to it". In a recent "Minute with Maxwell", where leadership guru and mentor, John Maxwell, spoke on Procrastination, he helped me see that it's not so much my abundant intentions that cause my delayed actions, but my motivation - or lack of it! - in the moment that keeps me from accomplishing what I'd like to see done by the end of the day. What I need to do is overcome the sedentary inertia that wants me to blow stuff off now, and initiate action to begin. I need to "move it, move it"! Once my wheels are moving, it's easy to keep them going!

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