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Share Life with Shoes

My Grandkids and I are doing something new this year :-) I showed them about a link from Life Outreach International about a life-saving campaign called Christmas Shoes. It shows how children all over the world are dying because of hookworm and other infections because their feet are unprotected when they walk, leaving their feet bloodied and open to disease and parasites. Life Outreach has partnered with an amazing company that produces flexible, all-weather, adjustable shoes that enclose a child's foot to protect them while they walk. These shoes (similar to Crocs) last a LONG time and are actually handed down to other children when the initial recipients grow out of them. They come in all sizes! it's amazing!

My Grandkids get presents from their mom and dad, grandparents, aunts and uncles, etc and after seeing a video about this situation, they have agreed to forgo one set of Christmas presents to give these children shoes - to save their lives. In their names, we are donating $180.00 for 50 pairs of shoes (they are only $3.60 a pair!) in return they are going to share the boxed collection of 7 Christmas ornament "shoes" each in a different color (a gold, silver, bronze, red, green, blue and crystal shoe, on a decorative ribbon) to remind them of their gift that will last a lifetime and save lives, long after whatever toy was purchased for them from us is broken and forgotten. But they will enjoy seeing the reminder of this gift from them each year as ornaments on their tree.

I urge everyone to watch this link, to donate to this amazing opportunity and make Christmas about giving a gift of life this year! the link is: Thank you!!!

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