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When Mama prays....

Sometimes we can get discouraged over what people we love choose to do – and don’t do. This is a common human event. How we choose to respond to these feelings matters immensely! Our response can mean the difference between a long slide to depression and degradation of the relationship, or revival and restoration of a life.

Preparing for a women’s speaking event this month, I was practicing Randy’s Travis’s song “When Mama Prayed”. The chorus of that song convicted me that instead of responding to discouraging circumstances in powerful prayer, I had succumbed to the lies of the enemy that there was nothing I could do to impact the situations that I sold my joy to in worry. Let these words encourage you like they encouraged me – and let them become your first line of offense in the battles you face for your loved ones!

“When Mama prayed, good things happened. When Mama prayed, lives were changed! Not much more than 5 foot tall, mountains big and small crumbled all away when Mama prayed”. It’s not the size of your frame, the volume in your voice or the depth of the problem you’re facing that determines your victory – it’s the weight of the glory of the God you lift your prayers to that matters! Pray! And watch lives change!

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