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Daily "Post-Game" Review

Every morning, it seems, when everything is still quiet, my head goes through a review of the day before. Before I know it, my memory settles on something I wish I'd done differently! A sentence I should not have spoken, an accusation I should not have made, a task I should not have left undone. It can be discouraging, but I can instead choose to hear this review and allow it to be a prayer of confession and repentance. I can apologize for things I said, determine to complete the tasks still requiring completion and make a point to be encouraging today - to everyone! - instead of harboring accusation and promoting distance. What can I do differently? What needs to be re-appraised and possibly discarded as hurtful? What can I do better today with God's help and guidance? With His empowerment, the sky's the limit! Instead of remaining defeated or feeling condemned, i choose to confess it, leave it at the feet of the One Who cleanses my soul and move on in His Glory for another day! <3

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