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Floundering on the "other side of the tracks"?

This morning I was listening to a Life Today TV broadcast and heard these words: "You may think that because of where you've been and what you've done, you're on 'the wrong side of the tracks' and can't have an unreserved relationship with God. But when Jesus died on the cross, He DESTROYED those tracks - there is NOTHING separating us from God" (Matthew 27:51, Romans 8).

For those of us who are post-abortive, who have not fully accepted God's forgiveness (not just a mental agreement, but a heart-deep KNOWING we are forgiven), our guilt and shame form a barrier in our emotions that keep us from enjoying an unfettered relationship with God and others as we shield that part of our past in an attempt to "move on".

That pain, shame and guilt ferments like an old milk jug in the back of the fridge as we put other things in front of it, busying ourselves with today. But that fermenting substance in our souls curdles and eventually pops the top off the jug, spreading the odor of those soured memories at the strangest possible times: self-condemning tears at baby showers, distance and simmering frustration with loved ones, unexplained rages, and self-harming behaviors. The milk jug can't be hidden indefinitely; it needs to be cleaned out.

Forgiven and Set Free is a post-abortive Bible study that takes us on a shared journey of forgiveness through God's love, to address the false relief, deep-seated denial, and pervasive anger, to the longed-for acceptance and closure. This is not accomplished by denying the past, but by taking God's Hand and letting Him show you His grace applied to each hurt you've experienced along the way. Once that jug is cleaned out, through the "washing of regeneration with the water of the Word", it is finally possible to leave the pain of the past behind and move forward with joy, knowing without a doubt, there will NEVER AGAIN be a different side of the tracks to be on!

Jesus is the Healer, reaching out and inviting you to His party - a celebration of His Life and yours! For more info on Forgiven and Set Free being offered in your area, contact your local pregnancy resource center or contact me. Blessings!

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