January 21, 2019

As I woke up this morning and settled in to write a letter, I began in my Gratitude journal – a gift from my son and daughter-in-law this past Christmas. I was writing about my gratitude for being able to get feedback and instructions from the One Who created us when I...

January 14, 2019

I read a devotional this morning about how God uses every day things to teach us deep spiritual truths. The example the author gave for this is how her 110 lb Labrador Retriever lays down quietly near his water bowl and waits for her to refill it when it’s empty instea...

January 10, 2019

This morning, I came upstairs in the dark for my reading time, to pray, to listen to some resources online and start my day. A friend recently told me if I use the acronym ACTS when I pray, it would change my prayers. She wasn’t wrong! From day one,  it has changed my...

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September 2, 2020

August 13, 2020

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